FreePDF XP 4.06

Create your own PDFs for free

FreePDF XP is a simple app that allows you to create PDFs from any application – for free! View full description


  • Automatically adds an option in your printer settings
  • Handles a wide range of file formats
  • Lots of options


  • Limits on the number of PDFs you can generate in this version


FreePDF XP is a simple app that allows you to create PDFs from any application – for free!

When it comes to saving documents to the web, PDF format rules the roost. However, users often complain that the leading PDF applications, like Adobe Acrobat, are pretty expensive.

Thankfully, FreePDF offers a free alternative that does a pretty good job of making PDF files, complete with password protection. You can use FreePDF XP to save to PDF from a number of formats, including Word documents, pictures or Web pages.

FreePDF XP is really easy to use, installing itself on your machine and adding an option for you to Print to PDF in your printer dialog.

From here you can choose from a variety of options for output, such as dimensions and resolution. If you want to save documents to PDF as cheaply and easily as possible, check out FreePDF XP.


  • On computers with Outlook or Outlook Express is automatically in place of ShellMail.exe fpMailer.exe enabled Existing installations can be improved by the setup
  • Auto-Setup should now do the same in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008 / 2008 R2

FreePDF XP is a program that allows you to create PDF files for free. The app works in much the same way as Adobe Acrobat, giving you the power to create PDFs from virtually any file, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer.



FreePDF XP 4.06

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